Mr. Bell’s Newsletter

March 9, 2020

Hi 6th Grade Parents,

In light of the rapidly evolving situation with the Corona Virus, we decided this morning to cancel tomorrow’s evening portion of the Science/Engineering and Cultural Fair.  Students will still need to arrive tomorrow morning with their completed projects.  We will be setting them up in the school hallway and will be leaving them up until March 20th with the hope you can find time to stop by.  During class tomorrow and Wednesday 6th graders will have a chance to share their project with their classmates and do any demonstrations they may have been planning.

This is our updated list of Chaperones for Earth Camp: Sean O’Leary, Tif McAuslan, Connor Ryan, Ed Natoli, Terri Jo Norman, Debbie Melnyk, Kirk Duffy, Barbara Greiner and Stephanie Ploudre.  I think we are putting all the girls in one cabin and the boys in two cabins.  Permission slips will be out soon!

Report cards come home tomorrow.  There are no progress reports this week.

In 6th math we have p, 215 #1-35 due Tuesday.  Due Wednesday is a packet on rational numbers.

For social studies we did a short assignment today that is supposed to be turned in on Microsoft “Teams” (I am making sure everyone knows how to turn in an assignment this way in case the Corona virus forces us to have a spell of on line learning in the near future. Please check and see if your child can access our 6th grade team through your home computer.)  We also will be working on pp. 302-307.

In science we are also doing pp. 44-45 as a quiz, due Wednesday.

Thank you for your help and understanding with our adjusted schedule for this year’s Science/Technology and Cultural Fair.

-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents:

This week we will continue practicing our critical reading skills with The Westing Game.  We are practicing finding the BEST evidence to support our answers.  I am hoping that we can finish the book next week.


Sarah Rutherford

Dear Parents,

Sixth graders are finishing up the unit on the patriarchs of our faith and the 12 tribes of Israel.  They will complete the chapter review today and have the assessment on Wednesday.  The new service logs have given for the third trimester.


Mrs. Reichlin