6th Grade

May 2, 2022

Hi 6th Grade Parents and Students,

Today we started our “Wax Museum” assignment.  I’ve attached the overview here and the MLA format for the bibliography.

Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday.

In 6th math we are learning about statistics.  We will be covering Fishtank 8-1 through 8-4.

ELA is combined with social studies this week in the Wax Museum Report.  The Roman Technology Presentation is due Thursday.

In science we will be covering pp. 81-90 and start learning about the geologic time scale.

-Mr. Bell

Dear Parents:

I think that the 6th grade thoroughly enjoyed Paper Wishes. I hope to finish the book this week. We will also learn more about Japanese internment camps and read some poetry about the topic. Students will have a worksheet due on Thursday.


Sarah Rutherford

In 6th Grade Religion, we are continue our reading of Matthew as we take doodle notes and compare the four gospels.

Sarah Bluhm

Mrs. Linda Reichlin’s Guest Teacher

Immaculate Conception Regional School

Mt. Vernon, WA