6th Grade

April 17, 2023

Hi 6th Grade Parents,

Welcome to Wellness Week!  Please ask your child about the various things they are doing to stay healthy.  Our big event of the week is the Jog-a-Thon on Thursday at 1:15. We will be going over to the High School track.   Students have free dress in athletic attire that day.  They also need to have good shoes for running.  Please join us if you can!

This Saturday is the Garage Sale from 10-4.  Students are allowed to set up a table to sell items from home.

The permission slips for camp went home on Friday.  Please read over the Camper Information with your child.  Please sign the various forms and return this week.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

For ELA this week we have a spelling test Friday.  The words this week are:  Auspicious, elated, belated, vicinity, ubiquitous, flagrant, denizen, and ambiguous. We will also be working on a persuasive letter in writing.

In social studies we are working on pp. 427-444, the origins of Islam, today and tomorrow.  Later in the week we will be doing an art project on the anatomy of a mosque.

In science we are studying the earth and the seasons this week with lesson two of Starry Night.

For 6th math we are getting started with geometry.  We will be working on Fishtank 7-1 through 7-4.

-Kasey Bell

7 Math – We are putting our knowledge of geometry shapes, volume, and surface to the test in a castle building competition.  Student teams will have all week to create the most creative castle.

6 Reading – We will be reading Chapter 5 – 7 of A Long Walk to Water.  Students will work in groups, as well as review vocabulary and study guide questions.  Students should also be working on their 10-frame sketch assignment outside of class time.

Sarah Bluhm

Seventh Grade Teacher

Dear Parents,

Sixth grade has a short week in religion this week.  We only meet two days.  The sixth graders have been exploring the Psalms, mostly written by King David.  They are finishing up the project on Monday and will share a piece of it on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, they will review the liturgical year along with liturgical colors.  They will insert important feast days for each season.  Don’t forget to fill out the Service Log with gifts of service your sixth grader performs.  You don’t want to wait til the end of the year.


Mrs. Reichlin