Welcome to 6th Grade!


Mr. Kasey Bell

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Mrs. Laura Fisher



Hi 6th Grade Parents,

We will start MAP testing next week. We will be testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on also on Tuesday, October 3rd.  Please contact our room mom, Laura Fisher, if you would like to donate a snack.  Students can bring gum for testing, but I ask that they have a little extra to share.  Please make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast on testing days.

I have one parent volunteer so far for our Kukutali field trip on Oct 17th.  Can anyone else make it?

Progress reports will come home on Tuesday and be due back signed on Wednesday.  We had 100% of the reports come back last week!

There’s a school mass this Friday at 9:30.

In addition to some writing in language arts this week, we will also have a spelling test on Friday.  Students will need to know how to spell, and know the definitions of, the following words: Accrue, Lavish, Procrastinate, Nurture, Wistful, and Auspicious.

In 6th math this week we’re studying ratios.  Students will have a daily assignment from a Curriculum called “Fishtank Learning”

In science we’re learning about the rock cycle.  In social studies we’re covering early human migration and settlements.

-Kasey Bell

6 Reading – We wrapped up our first story The King of Mazy May today. Students will be working this week on SRA (standardized reading assessments).  These assessments will help to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses in reading, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Thanks, SB

Dear Parents,

I am enjoying these new middle schoolers.  This week we will be looking at the variety of writings in the Bible.  They will learn the new terms Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Divine Revelation.  They will explore ways to effectively read scripture.  Remember students will turn in their service log at the end of the month.


Mrs. Reichlin