6th Grade

January 30, 2023

Hi 6th Grade Parents,

Welcome to Catholic Schools Week!  I hope you, or your family, has a chance to come by for one of our events this week.

Congratulations to Angela and Cate, the winners of our classroom spelling bee last week, and congratulations again to Angela who won our school wide bee today!

Progress reports will go home Tuesday.  We have 20 Second Book Reports on Friday.

For ELA we are writing a story with our vocab due Wednesday.

In social studies we are reading pp. 272-279 and doing the questions on p.279 for Wednesday.  On Thursday students will get to choose one of several activities from the attached Greek Mythology Assignment.

For science we will be working on pp. 80-90 in our text.  We will also be working on our second rocket.  For the Engineering Fair, students should be using the design drawings to start building their prototypes.

In 6th math we are reviewing some fraction concepts this week.  There will be a worksheet each day.

-Mr. Bell

6 Reading – We are over halfway in our mystery novel the Westing Game.  Students are putting together clues and should be reading at home if there are absent from school.  Students will have reading homework this week!

7 Math – We are currenting our look at ratios, rates, and proportions. This week, we will continue with mark-ups & discounts and percent of change.   We will have daily homework with a test next week.

Sarah Bluhm

Dear Parents,

HAPPY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK!!  I am proud and humbled to spend my career as a Catholic school teacher.  The best part is working with your amazing children every day.  This week the sixth graders are getting ready to lead our community for Mass on Tuesday.  Your children will be readers, greeters, ushers, choir members, and gift bearers.  Come join us for this wonderful celebration.  We are honoring grandparents.  We will be practicing at the church on Wednesday.  Our next chapter is about Moses as deliverer of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  They will have a scripture reflection on Tuesday, and we will begin watching a video on Thursday.

Remember to have your child fill out their service log for the 2nd trimester.  If you need ideas for service, please contact me.


Mrs. Reichlin