6th Grade

October 19, 2020

Hi 6th Grade Students and Parents,

We started our new online astronomy curriculum this week, and I am happy to say that everyone was able to log in!  Although there are, and will continue to be, some glitches with our technology, I think overall it has been a big help in keeping your children learning at a good pace this year.  Thank you, parents, for all your patience and help in keeping your child connected.

Next week we will be sending home progress reports again on Monday and Wednesday.  Please sign the report and return it the next day.

Please bring your book for a 20 second book report this week.  We will do these on Tuesday and Thursday.

Next week’s at home project is a story board pre-write activity for a turkey themed writing project.  I put it out on One Note on Sunday.  I will also send out our schedule for the week sometime on Sunday.

-Kasey Bell