6th Grade

January 25, 2021

Hi 6th Grade Students and Parents,

There was a change in the MAP standardized testing windows for this winter, and we need to start testing next week.  We will be testing everyday next week, a math and reading test for each Cohort, and we will continue the following week with a science and language test.  Please make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast before each day of testing.  Extra snacks might also be helpful.  Children are allowed to bring gum as long as they have some extra to share.

I am still going to meet for a Zoom math class for about 10 minutes each morning.  I will just be introducing the topic of the day and then giving students who are at home  an assignment on IXL.

We will also try to find launch windows for our rockets.  Students will need to bring their completed rocket and blueprints next week.

We might also fit in a social studies assignment or two.

For our at home project this next week, students will be starting research on the topic of one of histories “Great” people.  Next week’s part of this assignment is posted on One Note.  We will eventually be writing a 5 paragraph, 2-3 page, paper on this topic.

-Mr. Bell

(I am still working on the schedule which I will send out on Sunday).