December 10, 2018

Hi 6th Grade Parents,

Our salmon and eagle ecology field trip is tomorrow.  Please make sure your child has a warm coat, hat and gloves, as we are outside most of the time.  Waterproof shoes or boots are also are helpful if you have them.  Students will also need a lunch and a snack.

There is no STEM club this week, but we will resume next week.

Progress reports will go home on Wednesday and be due back signed by Thursday this week.

In 6th math p. 88 # 10 -22 is due on Wednesday.  Due Thursday are corrections from our last test.  We will also have some problems from pp. 92-93.  Due Friday will be a prime numbers assignment.

In science this week we are studying salmon and eagles at the beginning of the week.  We will go back to astronomy on Thursday and Friday.  Pp. 104-107 are due on Friday.  We will also be working on the lab on p. 108.

For social studies we looking at pp. 96-101, with a graphic organizer due Thursday, and pp. 102-111.  Students will need to make a map of Ancient Egypt. This will be due either Friday or Monday.

Somehow we are also going to fit in practicing for our Christmas Program!  Band students will need to practice their parts and be ready to perform by next Monday.

-Kasey Bell


Dear Parents:

This week in reading, we will continue our analysis of Scholastic News.  We will define fake news, bias, and loaded words.  We will also work on the book reviews which are due next week.


Sarah Rutherford


Dear parents,

I am so proud of these young people and their beautiful leadership in liturgy for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception last Friday.  Everyone did a fantastic job.

This week students will be finishing up the chapter.  Right now they are working on posters on how to treat everyone and everything with dignity and respect.  Tomorrow they will learn about the life of Saint Fiacre.  They will complete the Chapter 2 review on Wednesday and on Thursday they will be assessed on the chapter.

They will also revisit possessive nouns.


Mrs. Reichlin