6th Grade

September 26, 2022

Hi 6th Grade Parents,

Another shorter week due to MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Again, please make sure your child is well rested and breakfasted!  Thank you to everyone who donated snacks for testing.

We will have 20 second book reports again this Friday.

There will also be a science quiz Friday on weathering, erosion and deposition.  Pp. 19-21 are also due Friday.

In 6th math we have Fishtank 1-3 due Tuesday.  Fishtank 1-4 will be due Friday.

In social studies we are learning about the first towns and the beginning of agriculture.  The questions on p. 58 are due Friday.  We will also be starting a group research and poster project on one of the early towns.

-Kasey Bell

6 Reading

We are reading Chapters 2 and 3 of our novel Crash today. We will not have reading the rest of the week due to MAP testing and the 7th grade overnight hike.  Students should read through Chapter 4 for Monday, Oct 3 and be ready to discuss.  Thanks, SB

Dear parents,

Happy fall.  This week we have another short week for religion due to MAP testing.  However, we will begin a unit on Sacred Scripture, Sacred Traditions, and Divine Revelation.

Mrs. Reichlin