6th Grade

October 4, 2021

Hi 6th Grade Parents and Students,

We will be finishing up MAP testing tomorrow.  Thank you for all the great snacks!

We are planning to take an outdoor education field trip on Tuesday October 19th.  The destination is Kukutali Preserve, on the Swinomish Reservation.  We will explore the park, have lunch on the beach, or in the picknick shelter, and then walk the beach to the Fisher’s family beach house.  Please let me know if you can chaperone! We will be taking the bus.  To keep students as far apart as possible on the bus, chaperones are welcome to drive. We will be gone pretty much the whole school day.

FULCRUM TUITION ASSISTANCE applications now being accepted for 22-23.

Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday.

This week in 6th math we are continuing to work on ratios.  Fishtank 1-7 is due Wednesday.  There is a worksheet due Thursday.  Fishtank 1-8 will be due on Friday.

In science we have a Phases of the Moon worksheet due Wednesday.  We will be working on a phases of the moon lab the rest of the week.

For ELA students received letters today from their 2nd grade Pen Pals.  We have started writing our responses today.  We will also have a pronoun worksheet due Friday.

In social studies we are going to cover pp. 55-58 in our text.  Then students will start working on an Ancient Towns Poster.  We will start this on Thursday.  It is due on Tuesday.  Students may have to work on it at home over the week-end.

-Mr. Bell

Dear Parents:

This week we will continue reading Crash. Chapters 15 & 16 of the study guide are due on Wednesday. Chapters 17 and 18 are due on Thursday.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Rutherford

Dear Parents,

The month of October is known as the month of the Rosary.  Sixth graders are asked to bring a rosary by Thursday.  If your child doesn’t have one, they may borrow one from me.  The Luminous Mysteries are the mysteries for sixth grade to learn.  They will complete a little creative art project to help them learn them.  Next week they will have a quiz on the 5 Luminous Mysteries.

Remind your child to share a Random Act of Kindness and record it on their Service Log.


Mrs. Reichlin