5th Grade

February 16, 2021

Good morning 5th grade families,

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the snow! I loved waking up to a white blanket of snow and how it really resembled a snow globe for almost two days!

Ash Wednesday Mass will be this week at 10:30AM. It will be available to live stream. Some of our students will be reading at the Mass.  They will be escorted by Ms. Rodrigues. The rest of the class will stay with me and watch it on the tv.

Short week-

Math- Multiplying fractions

Science- gravity, orbit, and rotation

ELA- Next chapter in Number the Stars, Book report due February 24, 2021, figurative language

Social Studies- Next section in our state report (informational text)

Religion- Theological Virtues/ Trinity complete chapter.

During Lent, ICRS students are receiving a Rice Bowl to collect money for Catholic Relief Services.

The school is also partnering with the local Knights of Columbus to support our new neighbor, Pregnancy Choices.  Students can bring in diapers (sizes 5 and 6), wipes and infant clothing (0-18 months) for moms who chose life. The school is proud to support this very important ministry and our new neighbor.