5th Grade

September 12, 2022

This year’s school theme: All Are Welcome!


Welcome 5th Grade Families!

Welcome to the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year! I had a wonderful week getting to know your child.   This will be a short newsletter.

I believe that communication is the key to a great parent-teacher relationship. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can send me a note, an email, or call the school to set up an appointment. I will do my part by sending out the 5th Grade Class Newsletter on a routinely basis.

Fifth grade is a wonderful time for academic and social growth. I have very high expectations for the academic school year, and I am devoted to helping your child succeed! I believe that all students are unique and capable of learning. You can support your fabulous fifth grader at home by encouraging them to read for at least 20-30 minutes every night, reviewing daily their take home folder and looking over their student planner.

I will be making a few changes to the daily schedule. Students will receive a copy of the weekly schedule at the end of the week. That copy can stay home or in their take home folder. I will attach the revised schedule to the email at the end of the week.

* MAP testing will be September 26-30. It is important that your child be in school on those days. However, if they need to stay home but are feeling well, I will zoom them in to the testing session. It works well. If they are sick, we will schedule for a later date.

We will continue to get acquainted with each other, technology, and routines.

– In Math—See below

– In Reading we will read a variety of short stories and analyze the elements of a fictional story. We will also work in Raz-Kids this week.

– In Writing we will begin by reviewing the structure of a sentence.  We will also write a speech as if they were running for class office representative. I like every student to have the opportunity to write one. It gives students a chance to see if this is something they enjoy doing. It also gives shy kiddos a safe place to shine. Based on those speeches some students may decide to run for class officer.

– In Science students will work on a couple of mini lessons to get warmed up.

– In Social Studies we will begin an overview of this year’s focus: US History- government, colonies, constitution, and democracy.

– In Religion we will be working on a self-portrait which will include their favorite bible verse and how, as a class community, we can embody our theme: We are all welcome.

– I will also give them the prayers they will need to learn by the end of the year. We will begin an introduction to our Religion book.

I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year! We are going to have an amazing year. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their educational and spiritual journey through life.

God Bless,

Mrs. Morrison


Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Students are bringing home their Apply workbooks for math today. They will use these workbooks for homework assignments. Typically, I will be assigning two lessons per week that are related to our standards. Here are a few helpful reminders for math homework:

  • Homework is assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.
  • I have students star the pages that are due for the week. This week pages 9 and 15 are due.
  • If students need support at home, there are example pages prior to each lesson in their workbooks. There are avatars and written examples to help them with learning.
  • There are family newsletters in student workbooks for each topic. If you are curious about what your child is learning these provide helpful information. For this week, the newsletter is on page 3.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding 5th grade math, please contact Tara Jensen.