5th Grade

January 23, 2023

Good afternoon 5th grade families,

A big hooray! for the kiddos this week. They all completed their Church essays and turned in their model/drawings of the their churches. They all did a nice job on their first essays. Can’t wait to see the progress as they move forward on their state report. I have attached pictures of the churches.

Important dates:

Monday, Jan 23- Church drawing or model due.

Tuesday, Jan24- Tulip ambassador presentation at 11:00 AM.

Thursday, Jan 26- 5th grade field trip to Skagit Symphony bus will leave at 9:00 AM for a 9:30AM presentation. “State of the School” address at 6:00 in Foyer

January 28- January 4- Catholic Schools Week

Monday, Jan. 30– Parent appreciation. Free dress for those who go to Mass on Sunday wearing their uniform. It is also Crazy hat day. Parent pizza lunch in St. Joe’s. Spelling Bee at 12:40PM. I will announce our class participants after our in-class Spelling Bee this week.

Tuesday, Jan 31– Alumni appreciation

Wednesday, Feb. 1– Teacher appreciation. Crazy sock day. Lunch in the classroom. 

Thursday, Feb. 2- Grandparents appreciation. Mass at 9:30AM grandparent breakfast following mass. Students can visit with grandparents for a bit then return to the classroom. Lunch in the classroom. 

Friday, Feb. 3- Student appreciation. Pajama day/free dress. Open house from 5-6 PM all are welcomed remember if you know of someone who may be interested bring them along. Sock Hop from 5:30-7:30 PM in St. Joe’s.


Learning Goals for this week, we will:

Religion: Unit 4 the Church – Answer what is the Church and how did it begin.

Reading: Focus on Theme of a story- continue. Begin read aloud The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart.

Language:    Text Organization- understand how the writer has organized information.

Speaking and listening- Present what they learned about their catholic churches they researched.

Social Studies: Continue to work on Explorer group projects.

Science: Conclude the Stars and the Solar System.

Vocabulary/Spelling– Unit 2. words are on pages 18 and 19.

Terms: abandon, assault, convert, dispute, impressive, justify, misleading, numerous, productive, shrewd, strategy, and villain


  • Band homework due Wednesday, Jan 25 Students should be practicing at home to improve their skills. Please remember students have band on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. They should be bringing their instruments to class on those days. 
  • Vocabulary quiz on Unit 2 on Thursday. 


Mrs. Morrison