2nd Grade

September 7, 2020

Good Afternoon!

Thank you all for attending our zoom meeting last night.  It was great to see you all and some of your children.

A few items that I wanted to highlight from last night and a couple I forgot to mention.

  • Mrs. Allison Brooks is completing her path toward becoming a certified teacher.  She must log 45 hours of observation before the end of October so she will be joining many of our Zoom meetings.
  • Your child should bring a water bottle to school – I have found one that opens up to a straw is the easiest to use while wearing a mask.
  • It would be great if when your child logs onto Zoom their name is recognizable.  Sometimes device names show up or someone else’s name and I’m always hesitant to let someone into our zoom if I don’t recognize the name.

Please e-mail me if your child will not be attending the Plus session of our remote learning model.  I would like to be able to give Mr. Van Selus an accurate list of who to expect.

I am attaching to this e-mail the following documents:

  • PDF of the slide deck from last night
  • Information about logging onto Google Classroom (task #1 on your list of to do’s – before the first day)
  • A schedule for individual zoom meetings the first week of school.  I have some flexibility to move people around so let me know if this time does not work.

I will e-mail the zoom link for our Tuesday September 8 9:00AM zoom meeting on Monday.  I will also send the information about logging in to Seesaw on Monday.  Their joining codes only last one week.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I saw a social media post that bolstered my outlook on 2020 so I will share it with  you.

Don’t give up on this year.

Keep fighting for the good.

Keep showing up.

Keep loving.

Keep giving back.

Keep being kind.

Keep being brave.

Keep caring.

Keep trying new things.

Keep showing grace.

Keep on.

This world needs you.

To believe in the good.

Rachael Marie Martin

Lord, help us to Keep on . . .

~Lynne Rittenhouse