Students in preschool will gain self-confidence and develop responsibility for themselves.  As they interact with other children, they develop their verbal and social skills.  Each day includes prayer time and music.  To develop physically, children play outdoors on our beautiful play equipment or in the gym.

5-Day Kindergarten Readiness Program:  ICRS offers a Kindergarten Readiness program for 4 and 5 year old children Monday through Friday with the option for full day or half day schedules. Children will develop social skills in a structured program that prepares them for success in literacy, number sense, fine/large motor skills, art and music, and of course, establishing lasting friendships with other children in the class.

Preschool Schedule

Language Arts

  • Daily pre-reading and phonic skill development
  • Sight and sound recognition of letters
  • Recognition and printing of their name
  • Story time to develop listening and comprehension


  • Daily projects explore the seasons and holidays
  • Manipulation of scissors, pencils, crayons, puzzles, paste, paint, stamps and string


  • Introduction to Jesus and the joy that comes from following Him