Mrs. Kerley’s Newsletter

February 13, 2019

Winter Greetings to our 4th Grade Families~

I hope this letter finds you well, safe, and warm. I hope you are getting to enjoy the beauty of God’s snow gift to us! Please send your child to school with a coat. As a parent, I am having kids without coats stay in and read so they don’t get too wet or sick. It is really cold and wet out on the playground. We want to keep our kids safe and warm so they don’t miss anymore school than we already have.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Your children have brought in some very beautiful containers for their Valentines! I just love their creativity! We have 17 here already. They were due today so please send your child’s decorated container with their name really big on it by 8:30 AM. It should also have an opening for all size cards & candy to fit through. We will have our party tomorrow afternoon from about 2:15-2:50.

If you would like to provide a veggie or fruit tray, that would be wonderful. Chips or a cookie type snack would be fine as well. We also need a drink. Plates & napkins would be great, too! Please let me know if you want to send or bring one of those items, so we don’t end up with too much of one thing. If those items could be here by 10:30 am, that would be perfect! They already have lots of candy & sweets for tomorrow awaiting them. Thank you for all of your help!


2/15      Friday~9:00 AM               Eileen, Sarah, Colton, Maya, Gracie, Diego

These will be on Friday unless we have a late start. We have no school on Monday for President’s Day. The rest will be next week as follows:

2/19      Tuesday~ 9:00 AM          Veronica, Anders, Cadence, Elanor, Cristian, Karen, Allie

2/20      Wednesday~ 9:50 AM    Yeshua, Isabela, Gisselle, Lauren, Billy, Chikae

2/21      Thursday~ 9:00 AM         Kaelen, Annie, Abigail, Boke, Michelle, Peter (the original Monday group)

We have Mass on Friday this week unless we have a late start, then it will be cancelled. Hopefully next week will be more on a regular schedule. Students need to bring their recorders to school every Tuesday and Thursday for Music Class. They should wear their PE clothes and bring their Uniforms every Wednesday, even if we have late start at 10:30 AM.

Homework has been on Google Classrooms. If your child is absent, remind them to look for their assignments on Google classroom, or I will send what I can via email to the parents. I can also leave work in the office if you let me know when you can pick it up. We have several kids who still need to complete their xtramath addition. This should have been done by end of October. We have others on subtraction, multiplication, and some almost finished with division. Keep your kids on this, especially on days when we have no school and weekends! The other math they can do is Prodigy, but only after two lessons of xtramath. For those who have completed all of xtramath, you can do as much Prodigy as you like!!!

Young Author stories have started on line in Google Classroom. Everyone should have completed their first paragraph last week and 25 additional sentences this week. We will keep adding to that assignment, so don’t let them get behind. Thank you!

Take care & stay safe out there. God Bless,

Laurie Kerley