4th Grade

October 20, 2019

Volume 3.5 

Immaculate Conception Regional School 

Warm & dry Blessings, 4th Grade Families~ 

We are 2/3 through our first term. This beginning of the year has moved quickly. Everyone has completed their MAPs baseline testing. Those will come to you with the November report cards or sooner. I will use that data to teach to specific classroom wide needs in Math, Reading, & Writing as well as make teaching groups for specific skills.  

We have another couple of busy weeks to close out October. Please pencil in these dates in your family calendar and try to attend what you can.  

Tuesday, October 22nd– 4th graders will perform the play “Martha Helps the Rebel.” It takes place during the Revolutionary War. There are three groups performing at three different times. It is about 25 minutes long. Group A performs at 10:55 AM, Group B performs at 12:35 PM and Group C performs at 1:05 PM.  This will be in our classroom. British Soldiers can bring a red shirt to wear during their performance if they want. They have had their parts for a week to take home and practice. They do not need to memorize parts. Some students have volunteered to bring in props or needed clothing. I have whatever does not come in on Monday.  

Role:          Group A Students    Group B Students Group C Students 

         10:55 AM    12:35 PM 1:05 PM    

Martha          Natalie    Aikum Maizy 

Mother          Leah    Sofia Grace 

Am. Sold. 1          Kauner    Ben Angel 

Am. Sold. 2          Kate    Hans Jacob  

Am. Sold. 3          Macio    Johnny Gonzalo 

Br. Sold. 1          Mikas    Amelia Giacomo 

Br. Sold. 2          Tyler    Amy Ann 

Br. Sold. 3          Kathleen    Kathleen Kathleen  

Friday, October 25th– 9:00 AM school rosary outside, led by 6th grade; Family Fun Night from 6:00-8:00 PM at SJC 

Tuesday, October 29th – 10:30 AM is our Salmon in the Classroom Lesson with our sponsors: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group 

October 31st – Halloween Assembly at 12:30, SJC; Halloween Party in classroom 2:00-3:00 PM students can wear Halloween colors: orange, black, white, purple clothing-no costumes 

November 1st – Mass at 10:30 led by our 4th graders, I hope you can join us! 

November 8th -We have the school Veterans Assembly put on by the 6th graders followed by a  4th grade hosted breakfast. Courtney Janicki will be sending out an email letting you know how you can help with the breakfast to get those volunteer hours in! 

We have jumped into our Salmon in the Classroom lessons for Science. We will alternate that with our HMH Science curriculum the school adopted. We do the SIC program with the 6th graders. We will be doing science art as well. Aquarium tank set up in December; Salmon eggs arrive in January after break. 

Social Studies – learning about maps and the world. We are using our reading unit to help bring us to Washington! Washington will introduce us to the Coastal Native Americans. We will begin studying related vocabulary and creating some art to go with these studies. In November, students will get to select their Pacific NW Coastal tribe and artifact at the beginning of the second term. More information will come home at that time. 

Math is taking us next to Composite & Prime numbers as well as multi-digit multiplication (4-digit X 1 digit & 2-digit X 2digit) and Arrays. We are also starting Math Centers on Fridays from 9:15-10:15 AM. Students will be divided into four groups and sent to different stations: Teacher for reteaching or enriching; computer math with Prodigy; Math Activity-game with partners or teams; and at their seat with a math solo game/activity. These will be 15 minutes sessions & kids will rotate to each. We may change to 3 rotations each time if 15 minutes seems to short. We will be learning factors & multiples and doing more with story problems. 

Writing will continue to be some poetry, editing, letter writing, and spelling tasks. We will also be working on opinion writing, narratives, and informative pieces. They will have rubrics to go with each assignment. Most of these assignments will be posted on-line through Google Classroom. We will go over how to use Google Classroom at school. We will also begin every assignment at school. They can finish them up at home on-line, plus we will have additional class time in addition to the introduction day for each assignment. However, if they are absent on Google Classroom lesson days, they may have to come in early or stay in at recess to get caught up on those lessons.  

ELA-The next two weeks will be a break from Spelling as we incorporate science and social studies vocabulary. Students will be given vocab words that we use throughout the week and will be quizzed on their understanding of the meanings at the end of each week. First list will go home 10/25, second list goes home 11/1.  

Reading- We will finish up this unit and move to novel groups. The first set of stories will be related to survival. There will be four groups each reading a different story with their team with follow up reading & writing assignments as additional homework. The reading can count as their 20 minutes.  

Religion- we continue to learn with Venture and the Bible. We are focusing on how the readings, particularly the Gospel can relate to our everyday lives. We are also learning about the Gospel writers, how to say the Rosary, and Church teachings as well as Church history, scripture, & traditions. We do not have 4th grade masses at ICC this month due to our school schedule. Most students have correctly recited the Memorare which will be part of their religion grade for this 1st term. Please work with your child on this or their next prayer: The Prayer for Peace. They may say them any day to me privately when they are ready. They sign up on the whiteboard.  

God Bless, 


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