Advent Greetings~

Tomorrow, Monday, we have the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement group here to teach about Salmon in the Classroom.

Tuesday, kids can have free dress as long as they are dressed appropriately according to the Hand Book, no logos, advertisements, etc on clothing. They need to dress in layers, have a hat & coat, gloves & scarf if they need, good, non-slippery walking shoes/boots, a sack lunch, snack, & drink/water bottle. We will be gone all day, outside, in the cold/rain! Dress accordingly, please. If you are chaperoning, please dress warmly, bring your thermos & lunch as well.

Wednesday, Free Dress if you bring $1.00 or more to help out the Fire Victims in California via the Sacramento Archdiocese, not San Diego as I wrote in the Newsletter.

Friday, I will have a substitute as I will be at a Science Training in Seattle all day. We will attend Mass at 12:15, just the fourth grade, so we will eat early at 11:40. Please remind your children to tuck in their white shirts if that is what they are wearing. We want everyone to be neatly dressed as they represent our school. We’ll need three kids to volunteer to be altar servers at this Mass.

Kids, keep reading those Chapter Books for our Literature Circles and answer questions on your packets for your part only. Kids will get new reading pages every M, W, & F. Those are also the days they will meet in their Literature Circles to discuss their stories. Please be sure they read only assigned pages. They are not to go ahead in case their team has to make predictions about what may happen next. Thank you for all your support in this new adventure in reading!

Laurie Kerley

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