Mrs. Kerley’s Newsletter

March 27, 2019


Today is the real Free Dress Day!!! Elanor, our principal for the day, has announced that!

Tomorrow is YA Conference day. We will leave at 8:35 AM. Bring a large lunch and drink. Please remember to turn in all Homework in the morning. Notebooks are not needed on Thursday, neither are recorders.

We also will not be attending Mass on Friday as there will be a funeral at the 12:15 Mass. We will however, attend Stations of the Cross around 1:00 PM.

On Friday, I will send a shortened HW Packet for the week of April 8th. It will have Math & a paragraph to edit. We will not have a spelling list that week, nor will I send a Reading Skill. I just expect them to read lots, every day over break and forever!!!! 😊

Have a wonderful Day!

God Bless,

Laurie Kerley