Team Seventh

January 14, 2019

Dear Parents:

First, below is a message from Tiffany Sciumbato. Thank you, Sommer and Tiffany!

Hello, parents of the 7th grade class!

This past week I was fortunate to take some photos of the beautiful class art project, and Sommer Holt send me the blurb for the auction pamphlet. I thought I would share it with all of you so you can see what your child has been doing and maybe create some excitement for what will be auctioned off for the fundraiser.


This year’s 7th-grade class learned the art medium of wet felting. Students carefully and thoughtfully created their own unique heart symbolizing how their hearts collectively reflect God’s love. The 30” x 24” wall hanging is made from raw merino wool, combed tussah silk, and smooth bamboo top which is then transformed by a series of steps into this beautiful wet felted piece of art.

A class photo album documenting the process of this art medium is included.

Thank you, Sommer, for taking this project on. You and the kids sure did a great job!


This week in 7th grade, we have a lot going on.  As part of our study of Washington history, your child will need to report when their family came to Washington and why.  Please expect to answer this question and tell the background story.

Tuesday: Pink slip due;

Mind map of comparison/contrast paper due;

Thursday: 1st body pp of comparison/contrast paper due;

Test on “Widow & the Parrot”

Friday: NoRedInk due


Sarah Rutherford

This week in 7th science we are wrapping up our “Paper Pets” project on Monday and Tuesday.  Also due Tuesday is p. 139 of our text.  Due Wednesday is a study guide for a quiz we are having that day.  On Thursday we are having a DNA lab.

-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents,

The students are spending a little time pondering the mystery of the Holy Trinity.  On Tuesday they will start a project on the Trinity.  It will be due on Thursday.  They will look for references to the Holy Trinity in some sacred hymns.

The assessment will be next week.

Tomorrow is the final day to submit the permission slip for your child to attend the March for Life in Olympia on the 22nd of January.


Mrs. Reichlin