7th Grade

May 2, 2022

Dear Parents:

WORLD has officially begun. This fun simulation will help us learn and review our social studies skills. It will go until the end of the school year. Expect to see your child working on projects at home.

We have a busy week in 7th grade.

Wednesday: pink slips and Padilla Bay permission slips due

Rough draft of “Favorite Person or Place” due

The Pearl Chapter 5 due

Friday: May Crowing and rosary – please send flowers if you can

Test on The Pearl

              The Pearl Chapter 6 due

Next Monday: 100 WORLD points due

Tuesday: final draft of “Favorite Person or Place” due

Please let me know if you would like to chaperone our field trip next Friday, May 13th.


Sarah Rutherford

In 7th Grade Religion, students have developed a project to create Comic Books depicting the life and mission of Saint Paul. This week students are reading their assigned chapters of Acts and creating their timelines.

Sarah Bluhm

Mrs. Linda Reichlin’s Guest Teacher

Immaculate Conception Regional School

Mt. Vernon, WA

This week in 7th science we are covering pp. 140-155 in our text.  We will also hope for a dry spell to do a flower lab.

-Mr. Bell