7th Grade

October 4, 2021

Dear Parents:

This will be a great week of learning in 7th grade. We will begin a new grammar unit with our study of phrases and clauses. We will also learn the details of Catholic Social Teaching and apply them to our analysis of the Hot Spots. Here is the schedule for the week.

Tuesday: rough draft of GLURP due

MAP reading test

Thursday: Final draft of GLURP due

Pink Slips due (this is a day later than usual)

Friday: all Hot Spots research due

Have a wonderful week,

Sarah Rutherford

This week in 7th science we continue to study fossils and the fossil record.  Due Wednesday is a geologic time scale representation of life on earth.  Due Thursday are pp. 33-37 in our text.  On Thursday we will have a lab.

-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents,

Seventh graders are exploring who Jesus and God is for them.  They will share their reflections about Jesus on Monday.  On Thursday, students will create a mind map of the attributes of God.  October is also the month of the Rosary.  Seventh grade learns the Sorrowful Mysteries.  Please have your child bring a rosary to school by Thursday.  If they don’t have one, they can borrow one from me.

Don’t forget to remind your child of their service hours.  Five hours of service for this trimester.


Mrs. Reichlin