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Mrs. Sarah Bluhm

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December 4, 2023

Dear 7th Graders and Parents,

What a wonderful time of year! We have many things going on with activities and field trips. Please check the calendar for updates.

BOOK FAIR this week

Students will be visiting the annual book fair during their library time on Thursday, Dec 7.

Road Trip Survey (yellow paper)

Please read, sign, and return the survey sent home Friday about our May Road Trip.

Art & Band Field Trips

Please note that students will be responsible for making up their missed work due to school field trips. I will be working with everyone to make sure their assignments are ready for them, and due dates accommodations.

Holiday Break

Please let me know if you are planning to start your holiday break early and I can get assignments ready.


Students will be attending reconciliation on Thursday prior to our Holy Day of Obligation on Friday.

Martha’s Place Stocking

Our Student Council, ICRS students, and Sacred Hearts in LaConner are partnering together to spread Christmas Cheer to the residents of Martha’s Place.  Last week, students colored Christmas pictures and cut snowflakes for the resident’s apartments.  This week, we will be making paper chains and meeting with our Mass Buddy Classes to create prayers and name tags for stockings.

If students or families would like to donate small items for stockings you are welcomed, but not obligated. This is only if your student would like to add something, such as a candy cane, a note of encouragement, an ornament, hard candy, fun pen, etc.  Items that you may already have at home.   Thank you, ICRS StuCo

This Week’s Reminders:

Reading – We are reading our mystery novels independently. We have divided the book into four quadrants with Quad Three reading is due tomorrow with booklet notes completed and Quadrant Three summary due on Wednesday to the google classroom.  Most reading will be done outside of class.


Math – We began our new unit on ratios and rates today. Tomorrow we will learn about proportional relationships and finding proportions later this week.  Students can expect daily homework.

Social Studies –Economics Terms QUIZ tomorrow.  This week, we will look at Washington State Businesses.  Students should be wrapping up their business comparisons (due tomorrow) and begin their essays this week (due Friday).

Geography – Southern Europe map re-test is Wednesday.

WA State – We will be finishing up Chapter 4 reading, review, and have a test on Friday!

Writing – We have read an editorial and will be discussing taking notes on editorial writing and how to write one.

Science – This week in 7th science we are wrapping up our current section on parts of ecosystems today with pp. 79-83.  Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be exploring a current issue of Science World magazine.  On Thursday we will be studying symbiosis.

-Mr. Bell



HAPPY ADVENT!  This week we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mary.  Mass is on Friday at 9:30 at Immaculate Conception Church.  It is a holy day of obligation.  Seventh graders are taking a closer look at the Gospels and the evangelists.  They will create an Evangelist Shield with all the pertinent information about Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


Mrs. Reichlin


Calendar –

Dec 6               MS Art Elective Field Trip to Bainbridge (all day)

Dec 6 & 7         Advent Reconciliation

Dec 7               Book Fair Ends

Dec 8               9AM, Family Groups

Dec 8               9:30AM, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass

Dec 15             MS Concert Band Field Trip

Dec 19             7PM, Christmas Program

Dec 20             9AM, PBIS and Advent Service

                        Christmas Sing-along

                        Noon Dismissal

Jan 3                Classes Resume