7th Grade

April 19, 2021

Dear Parents:

We have a lot going on in 7th grade. Please see the due dates below.

Tuesday: pink slip due

Rough draft of editorial due

Narrative method and point of view analysis due on One Note

Wednesday: style of writing analysis due on One Note

Thursday: climax and resolution analysis due on One Note

Friday: Washington science and engineering slide show due

theme analysis due on One Note

final draft of editorial due


Mrs. Rutherford

This week in 7th science we studying biodiversity.  Due Tuesday are pp. 121-124.  Pp. 130-138 are due next Monday.  We will have a lab on Wednesday.

-Mr. Bell

Dear Parents,

Did you get to enjoy the brilliant sunshine last weekend?  I hope so.  Doesn’t the sun just brighten your spirits?  This week in religion 7th graders will define salvation.  They will reflect on titles for Jesus.  However, the key learning this week is the Paschal Mystery.  This is important doctrine of the Church.  Students will learn about the four parts of the Paschal Mystery and find scripture to support each understanding.


Mrs. Reichlin