7th Grade

November 16, 2020

Dear 7th graders:

I am impressed with the hard work and fabulous learning that is happening in 7th grade. Keep up the great work. I look forward to meeting with all parents on Zoom next week. If you need to change your conference time, please let me know.

Even though students have time off due to conferences next week, I still expect them to do school work. This week’s plan has assignments that are due after Thanksgiving. There is a lot of work; 7th graders should expect to work at least three hours every day that they are not physically at school (except Thanksgiving and weekends). Please continue your routine of working next week.

WEEK OF:November 16-20 – plus work for Nov. 23-25
7TH GRADEMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
7th MATH,
Finish Lesson 2 and complete quiz on order of operations & expressions; review vocabulary for this unitExpand and factor expressions using the distributive property and the greatest common factor. Lesson 3Expand and factor expressions with negative rational numbers. Lesson 4Add and simplify expressions by combining like terms. Lesson 5Subtract and simplify expressions. Lesson 6 & quiz
8th MATH, 8:45-9:45Review for test on solving equations.  Math book page 76-77 (1,3,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,17, 20, 22, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32)Correct review.  Complete Assessment for Solving Equations Cohort A.  Cohort B Introduce Functions.Cohort B Complete Assessment for Solving Equations.Introduce Functions Unit 4 Lesson 1 Anchor ProblemsWork together Unit 4 Lesson 1  Identify Functions
 Unit 2 test- fluently compute with all rational numbers
 Monday / WednesdayTuesday/Thursdayat home day 1at home day 2at home day 3
9:45-10:15review comma rules and practiceEurope map testNo Red Ink – commas for formatting; study for Europe map test #3
10:30-11:00Read Junior Scholastic “Pilgrims”Discuss Junior Scholastic “Pilgrims” – how does your perspective change your view of history?Complete Junior Scholastic “Pilgrim” worksheets on One Note. Finish your novel and complete the building blocks of fiction for it. Due Dec. 2/4
11:30-12:00 LUNCH
12:30-1:15Share ideas of the Holy Trinity.  Read pages 98-100   Complete Chapter 4 review (1-10)               WEDNESDAY  :  Father Ben visitsCorrect chapter review    Take Chapter 4 Test               DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS                    Fill out your service log
1:20-2:05Science: Turn in pp. 63-65. Read and answer questions for pp. 76-83Science: Read and answer questions for pp. 84-88
2:05-2:50Discuss economics terms & Lemonade Stand; what factors do we need to consider when running a business?Begin economics report- what is a stock? What is a publicly traded company? Begin short story – use the building blocks of fiction & a story boardSocial studies and Washington state histo+D3:H15ry: finish economic vocabulary with team; begin research on Washington State business report (this is not due until Dec. 14/16); Writing: complete building blocks of fiction and story board for your mystery story – due Dec. 1/3