Team Seventh

December 9, 2019


Dear Parents:

It feels like we are on a race to get everything done by Christmas vacation.  Please read this email carefully, as there are a lot of details.

Things to remember to send to school with your child: pink slip; travel-size tissue and wipes for the homeless; $3.50 to pay for Christmas program tee shirt; something little for Secret Santa; permission slip for Friday.

Tuesday: Pink slips due

                Mystery story – final draft due

Thursday: mystery reading test

                Mystery map due

Friday: band field trip

                Caroling field trip

Tuesday, December 17: business reports by Mary, Sophia, Kat, Diamond, Zora, Sofia, Nyelli, Veronica, Karina

Wednesday, December 18: business reports by Calum, Spencer, Jacob, Lomar, Coner, Jose, Ava, Lola, Ariel, Pablo

Thursday, December 19: Economics test and Christmas program

Friday, December 20: 7th grade brunch (contact Mrs. Deyo to see what you can bring)

Please contact me if you have questions about the schedule.

Sarah Rutherford

This week, I only meet with 7th grade for three days.  Father Ben will visit on Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday they will finish the Unit one review.


Mrs. Reichlin

This week in 7th science we are continuing to study heredity and genetics.  Due Tuesday we have pp. 138 and 139.  This will be graded as a quiz.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we have labs.  Due next Monday are pp. 140-146 in our text.

-Kasey Bell