7th Grade

September 21, 2020

Dear parents and 7th grade students,

We are recipients of two big blessings; the COVID numbers are trending downward which means people are staying healthy and doing what they need to do to keep everyone safe, and we get to begin our hybrid model beginning on Monday, September 21.  YEAH!!!

There are some very important details we need to cover before Monday to keep everyone healthy and safe, so read this email carefully and keep it handy as a reference if you need it.


Students need to bring their school supplies next week.  This includes notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, etc.  You may want to leave a few pencils and pens at home for the days you work from home.

STUDENTS NEED TO BRING THEIR LAPTOPS FULLY CHARGED EVERY DAY.  It is good to have a separate carrying case or sleeve in order to keep it protected in transport.

Students need to bring all their text books.

Students should have their own PPE kit in their backpack that has hand sanitizer, 3 to 4 masks, and maybe some wipes.

Lunch (hot lunch is available.)  Packed lunches should include all utensils and extra napkins or wipes and food that does not need to be heated.  Microwaves or hot water will not be available.  Students will be eating under cover outside (as much as possible) on chairs or you can bring a towel to sit on.  Be prepared to be outside, even in cooler weather.

PE for 7th graders will be on Tuesdays (Cohort A) and Thursday (Cohort B.)  Our PE teacher will try to have PE outside, but in inclement weather, PE shoes will be needed. PE is only ½ hour, so students will not change clothes.

The School Day:

Arrival:  After the health check in the morning, 7th grade students will go directly to their math class.  Attendance and lunch count will be taken in that class.  Students will have math EVERY DAY.  When students are not physically present, they will be on Zoom at 8:30 for the daily lesson.  There will also be a math Zoom lesson on Fridays at 8:30.  Use the current math Zoom login.

We encourage you to leave your phone at home, but if you bring one, it will be put in a baggy, placed in a basket, and stored in the teacher closet.  (We cannot lock phones in the office this year due to cross-contamination.)

Teachers will be moving class to class, not students.

As stated, lunch will be outside, under cover.

Recess:  Students will be in zones on the playground and playfield. We will let the students know which zones they can play in during recess.  We are requiring students to wear masks during recess. We have seen that it is nearly impossible to keep students six feet apart when they are playing outside.  We will incorporate “mask breaks” outside when possible.

Dismissal:  We will try to attempt a COVID version of our “regular dismissal” procedure.  All students will be picked up in the ferry line.  The pickup line has been extended to the end of the building to accommodate social distancing.  Families will be called, then students walk safely to their car.

Friday:  Entire class Zoom meeting to build community and “check-in.” Time to be announced.


We are attempting to send the weekly email by Friday, instead of Monday.

We will continue the shared lesson plan template so students have all lessons, assignments, and activities in one place.

We will continue to place assignments on OneNote so that students can access their work in the same place.

Need to know:

Monday, September 21/Tuesday, September 22-Cohort A has full days of school.

Picture day Tuesday, September 21.  Free Dress.

Wednesday, September 23/Thursday, September 24-Cohort B has full days of school.

Picture day Wednesday, September 23.  Free Dress.

So far, the 7th graders have shown amazing resilience and problem-solving skills during this challenging time.  I am confident that we can make this an amazing year of learning and fun. Please feel free to contact me is you have any questions or concerns.