Team Seventh

September 16, 2019

Dear Parents:

Things are humming along nicely in 7th grade.  I sent a separate email with details about the Baker Lake hike.

Tuesday: individual picture day – FREE DRESS

3rd rough draft pp of GLURP due

Pink Slip due

Wednesday: “Circe” comic strip due

4th rough draft pp of GLURP due

Friday: rough draft of GLURP due


Mrs. Rutherford

This week in 7th science we are studying cells.  Due Tuesday is p. 23 of the text.  On Wednesday we have a lab.  Due Thursday are drawings of plant and animal cells with scale.  Also going home is a project to make a model of a cell (attached).  This is due October 1st.

-Kasey Bell

No letter from Mrs. Reichlin this week.