Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, God’s creation is sacred, Disciples of Jesus, Saints, sin, moral living, Baptism, Paschal Mystery, Covenant, Sacraments, Prayer, Eucharist, Liturgical Year, Mary, Corporal Works of Mercy, Nicene Creed, Prayer for Peace


Develop reading strategies:  making connections, visualizing, summarizing, predicting, clarifying, asking questions, setting goals, monitoring/ adjusting reading speed.

Develop reading skills:  cause/effect, sequence, compare and contrast, inferring, main idea and supporting details, author’s purpose.
Exploring different genres

Explore story elements:  plot, setting, character, main events, problem/ solution

Reading list includes many genres and sources:  Student choice, Open Court Reading, Sarah Plain and Tall, There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom, Shiloh

Accelerated Reader—Students are expected to earn 15 AR points per quarter.


Focuses on the writing process:  prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, publishing

Focuses on Six Traits:  ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions

Writing for many purposes:  narratives, expository essays, poems, fantasy, realistic fiction, biographies, historical fiction, myths, folktales, fables.

Grammar: parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation


Various spelling patterns as provided in textbook, Spelling Connections


Develop mathematical language

Develop mathematical reasoning for problem solving

Practice mathematical concepts and procedures

Practice multiplication, division, geometry, decimals, fractions, word problems, measurement

Social Studies

Washington State history, geography, Native Americans, Lewis and Clark, Pioneers, Government, and a “Washington State Person, Place or Thing” project


Human Body, Electricity and Magnetism, Life Structures (salmon and watersheds) and Sun, Moon and Stars.