Founded in 1949, Immaculate Conception Regional School (ICRS) serves the educational needs of children in Preschool through eighth grade in Skagit and surrounding counties.

ICRS is a wonderful place for academic achievement. -Christina

Our test scores are high. ICRS exceeds state averages across subjects on the MAP test. Among local public and private high schools, we have earned a reputation for graduating students with a solid educational background, leadership skills, and social maturity. Parents who send their children to ICRS are seeking an environment where academic excellence is expected, and where behavioral expectations are congruent with high achievement.

Every day I feel closer to Christ. -Beth

ICRS is a faith-based school that encourages the development of good character and family values. The Catholic faith and traditions are taught daily in the classroom. Prayer is a regular part of our day. Students prepare and attend mass once a month, with less formal liturgies held at least once per month as well.

Hope is exemplified in our community. Students at ICRS readily serve their communities. Whether collecting donations for a local food bank or animal shelter, visiting the elderly, or cleaning up the environment, students work side by side with parents and teachers while building a framework of community service and social justice.

The cultural, social, and economic background of our students mirrors our community as a whole. While we are a Catholic school, we welcome students of all faiths. Indeed, nearly 30% of our children do not come from Catholic families. Families seeking a high-quality, value-based education often find ICRS a good fit.

ICRS is a great school where small classes lead to great friends. -Bo, student

Economic diversity is also reflected in our student body: 42% of our students receive need-based scholarships, and 23% qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program.