Based on the series “Silver Burdett & Ginn “Blest are We”

  • God as Creator, who created and cares for all things and made us to be good and holy
  • Jesus, God’s most special gift to us
  • Holy Spirit, a gift given to us to help us live good lives and give us
  • strength
  • Sacraments, a focus on Baptism and introduction to Eucharist, Jesus giving Himself to us
  • Church, we are Catholic Christians, we are people of God, a community
  • Morality, it is important to take care of and share God’s gift of creation and to follow God’s Law of Love
  • Bible, a collection of many books written by people especially chosen by God
  • Prayers, sign of the Cross, Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father,  Grace before and after meals, Prayer to My Guardian
  • Angel, Prayer at Stations of the Cross

Language Arts

The reading series used in First Grade is “Open Court Reading.”  The series is comprised of six big books, two small, beginning readers and two anthologies.

  • Open Court is a research-based curriculum grounded in systematic, explicit instruction of: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Word Knowledge.  It includes comprehension skills, inquiry skills, writing and language arts skills and strategies.  It is an integrated program that includes spelling, phonics and handwriting in one package.
  • The handwriting used with this series is the ball and stick motion.  We also use a handwriting book called “Writing Our Catholic Faith”.  This book integrates handwriting with religion and reinforces what students have learned in both subjects.
  • The spelling series uses words from the reading book and includes a pre-test, dictation and phonics to learn the new vocabulary.


Harcourt Math is the program used in first through fifth grades.

  • It provides a research-based instructional plan and has assessment tools that measure success with national and state specific standards before, during, and after instruction.
  • Harcourt Math provides a wide variety of strategies and activities to differentiate instruction so that all students can experience success in Math.
  • It includes daily intervention strategies for skills and for problem solving that diagnose students’ difficulties with mathematics while providing intervention resources that will bring success for all learners.


First Grade uses Foss science kits, which are exciting hands-on science kits designed to help students to enjoy science, as well as lead them through and help them learn the scientific method.

  • Topics studied are: Balance and Motion, Insects, Pebbles, Sand and Air.

Social Studies

We use Weekly Reader throughout the year, covering a variety of issues that affect our society.  Students will also be learning social studies through thematic units.