The Flight Plan

December 9, 2019

Dear Parents,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   It is the holiday season, both in and out of school.  These students are doing a good job with secret Santa.  It seems like each student is enjoying it and participating.  On Thursday afternoon, eighth graders will be
Christmas caroling at Mountain Glen Retirement Center.  This is our “Christmas Party.”  Then we will walk up to Starbucks at Haggens for a treat and then return to school.  The students may bring something festive to change into for the afternoon.  This could be Christmas sweaters, scares, hats, vests, etc.. Students need to bring a little money for their treat.  Hot chocolate at Starbucks cost about $3.50.

  We will have a Christmas brunch on Friday, December 20.  Please contact Mrs. Ploudre if you would like to help.  (I know a few of you signed up for this activity.)

 Student council is sponsoring a drive to create necessity bags for the homeless.  Eighth grade is in charge of bringing tooth brushes.  As a little side note, a board member from the organization we are donating the items to will be speaking to the Student Council on Wednesday.  He was homeless at one time, and will be sharing how our efforts make a big difference.

Eighth graders are doing a great job with their Secret Santas.  They love giving as much as receiving.  Remember, kids should acknowledge their Secret Santa at least 2 times a week.  The big reveal will be on Friday morning, December 20.

ICRS is hosting a “Protecting God’s Children” class for volunteers on Monday, Dec. 16, 1-3PM in the school library.  Volunteers can sign up on


LITERATURE:  The Learning Target for literature for this unit is “authors use stories and distinct characters to teach a lesson.”   Students are reading Stave II and Stave III in A Christmas Carol. Students are defining vocabulary words and responding to comprehension questions.  Students received the requirements for the book review for the modern classic.  This is due Thursday, January 9.

RELIGION:  Eighth graders are practicing for the Confession Challenge.  Students will be celebrating the sacrament of Reconciliation next Tuesday.

U.S. HISTORY:  Students have been exploring parts of the Constitution.

Have a blessed week,

Mrs. Reichlin

Dear Parents:

I have enjoyed reading the short stories.  I am impressed with the creativity and organization of the 8th graders.  This week, we will be writing an Uncommon Prayer.


Sarah Rutherford

This week in 8th science we are continuing to study chemical reactions.  On Tuesday we have a lab.  Due Thursday are pp. 133-136.   Due next Monday are pp. 137-142.

STEM club will start this Tuesday from 3:00-4:00.

-Kasey Bell