December 10, 2018

Dear Parents,

May the holiness of the Advent season be with all of you.    There are lots of things going on because “it’s beginning to look like Christmas.” First of all, on Tuesday, December 11th, the eighth graders will be Christmas Caroling at Mountain Glen Retirement Center.  I still need permission slips from Mikey, Devante, Aiden and Reese.  We want them to come with us.   Any parent is welcomed to join, as well.  We will leave school at 9:45, walk to Mountain Glen, sing, walk up to Starbucks/Haggens, then walk back to school by 11:30.   Students are in uniform but can wear holiday hats.

The Christmas program is coming along, however, we still need some help building our backdrops.  What the kids are planning, won’t work without it.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am missing some report card envelopes; Devante, Mirae, Mikey, Kendall, Stephanie, Marlen, and Jack.  Thank you.

There is a free dress fundraiser on Wednesday.  The Archdiocese of Sacramento is offering free tuition to any student who was displaced from the devasting fires.  Students can bring a dollar or more to have free dress to support this cause.

Speaking of fundraisers, 8th graders (and parents) are doing a great job collecting toothbrushes.

Band trip is on Friday.  Turn in permission slips.

The Flight Plan

LITERATURE:  Students are reading Stave 2 and 3 this week.  They have 7 vocabulary words they need to define.  There is a short quiz after each Stave.

RELIGION:  Eighth graders learned about Theological Virtues.  This week they will learn a little more about Saint Thomas. Chapter review will be on Thursday.  The assessment for chapter 2 will be next Tuesday.  Father Moore has been visiting our class every Tuesday.  The students look forward to spending time with him and learning more about the priesthood and the Church.

  1. S. HISTORY:  Students are translating the Declaration of Independence into their own words.  This helps them understand the context of this authentic document.  They will research  important people and important battles of the Revolutionary War.


Mrs. Reichlin


Dear Parents:

This week, students will present their punctuation projects.  We will also continue our work on organization of essays.


Sarah Rutherford


This week in 8th science we wrapped up our climate change presentations today.  There is no class on Tuesday.  Due Thursday are pp. 81-85 in the text and the lab on pp. 75-76 which we will finish in class that day.  Pp. 86-88 are due next Monday.

-Kasey Bell