Eighth Grade

May 3, 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy May!!!  I hope you had a wonderful May Day.  It is so nice to see the flowers blooming in the yard.    Get ready for time to fly by with the learning left to learn and all the 8th grade activities and celebrations.

Way to go 8th graders!!!  They were great participants in the first ICRS Jog-a-thon.  They all had a super attitude and were all involved.  I understand that it raised over $7 500 for the school.

Picture day is May 7th!   Bring cap and gown.

Kayak trip permission slips went home on Friday.  Please fill out completely and return to school by Friday, May 7.


LITERATURE:  ROT- Students will read chapter 11.  They will complete workbook for chapters 10 and 11.  They will interpret the Negro spiritual “Roll of Thunder” and analyze how it relates to the story.

TKAM- Students will read chapters 17, 18, and 19.  They will complete response journals for each.  They will compare the movie scenes and the book for the trial parts.

U.S. HISTORY:  The Atlantic Triangular Slave Trade will be the focus in the Slavery Unit this week.  Students will read authentic documents and watch part of the classic ROOTS.  Just a note, in the video there are women who are topless as the movie tries to be authentic in its portrayal of life in Africa before the capture of people to be slaves.  I will certainly prepare the students ahead of time.  However, if you think this is not appropriate for your child, please let me know.

RELIGION:  Students have a test on chapter 8.   Remember, your child should be sharing a Random Act of Kindness weekly.  They need to record it on their Service Log.

And it is so simple… The one thing is – love thy neighbor as thyself – that is the one thing. That is all, nothing else is needed. You will instantly find how to live.

Fyodor Dostoevsky


Mrs. Reichlin

Dear Parents:

The end of 8th grade is in sight! We will certainly miss this amazing group of students.

Final drafts of editorials are due on Tuesday. We will have a timed write on Wednesday. Finally, we will begin our cumulative review of grammar this week.


Sarah Rutherford

This week in 8th science we are wrapping up our balloon powered car projects on Monday and Tuesday.  Due next Monday are pp. 73-78.

-Mr. Bell