Eighth Grade

September 26, 2022

Dear Parents,

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

I hope you did not waste the sunshine this past weekend.  We are now in week four of our school year.  How is everyone doing?  Do you have any questions or concerns?  Anything you are wondering about?  Please reach out if there is.

This week:

Tuesday – MAP testing (math)

Wednesday – MAP testing (science)

*make up for MAP testing is next week*

Speaking of MAP testing, please help your child be successful in testing by making sure they get plenty of rest, a nutritious breakfast, and a positive attitude for trying to do their best.  Though the scores of MAP testing do not directly affect the report card grade, it does aid in helping us identify needs of students, directs instruction, indicates curriculum, and helps us (students and instructors) set academic goals.  Testing has its place and is important.


LITERATURE:  Eighth graders are forging through their classic.  This week they are working on Week 3 reading log.  Students learned more about the setting and how it affects the plot.  They visualized the setting and drew their ideas.  On Friday, students will review the parts of the plot.

RELIGION:  Students will participate in a prayer experience reflecting on the “In God’s Image.”  The important vocabulary words are soul, free will, covenant, and Decalogue. 

U.S. HISTORY:  A brief overview of the colonization of the New World and how conflict came between the colonists and the British were presented in video.  Students took notes of important people and important events.  They also noted their key takeaways.  This week they will work in small groups to design posters that reflect the major events that led to the American Revolution.


“A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” Muslim proverb


Mrs. Reichlin

8 Writing

Bob and Betty, 5-paragraph essays, were due today. We will not have writing the rest of the week due to MAP testing and the 7th grade overnight hike.  Thanks, SB

This week in 8th science we are wrapping up our explorations of density.  We don’t have class Tuesday and Wednesday due to MAP testing.  We have pp. 20 and 21 due Thursday.  There is a density worksheet due next Monday.  We will also have a density quiz Monday as well.

-Kasey Bell