The Flight Plan

June 3, 2019

Dear Parents,

I think this may be my last e-mail to the 8th grade parents.  I am hoping that I was pretty clear with the information on the two 8th grade events next week.  I will reprint the information.

Monday, June 10 is a regular school day for the 8th graders.  At 7:00 that evening we have the Celebration of Excellence. Students wear nice clothes and their cap and gown. It is about an hour with a reception to follow.  Tuesday, June 11: not free dress, bring cap and gown. It begins with the graduation breakfast in the classroom from 8:50-9:30.  At 9:30 is the Passing of the Light Ceremony.  This is the celebration were all the classes have a little send off for the graduates.  Each class presents the graduates with a gift and some heartfelt words.  Then the graduates pass the light of learning and faith onto the seventh graders. We will practice for Mass at the church.  The kids are dismissed at 12:00.  Graduation Mass is at 7:00 at the church.  Reception following at St. Joe’s.  That is when the class video is usually shown.

Our kayak trip was an adventure!  We stuffed a lot of activity into 2 days.  The kids were GREAT!  Lots of enthusiasm, respect and kindness.  Thank you to our wonderful chaperones, James Williams, Kirk Johnson, Sara Williams.

We have leftover food.  So kids can make their own lunch on Tuesday (tomorrow) and we will have lunch in the classroom as Mrs. Van Selus sets the kids up for field day.

The teacher luncheon is this Thursday.  Thank you to Denice Gardner and Tania Angel for their great organization and creative ideas.  It will be special for the kids and the teachers.

This week, we will be doing lots to get ready for the Celebration of Excellence and Graduation Mass.  We are also doing some reflecting on our classroom community.


LITERATURE:  Both reading groups are doing a final assessment on the novels they read.  These are due on Friday.

RELIGION:  Service Logs are due on June 7th.


Students are finishing up assignments.

I have felt so blessed to teach this fine group of students.  Not only because of who they are and who they are becoming, but also because I have gotten to know all of you.  I couldn’t do my job well without all of your love and support.  Behind each student in my care, is a parent who checks homework, gets them to practice, encourages, supports, disciplines, nourishes and guides.  That is why my job is easier.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!


Mrs. Reichlin

Thank you, parents, for all your support with our kayak trip!  It seemed to me a perfect mix of education and adventure mixed with singing, socializing and spiritual reflection.  A special thanks to our chaperones who did an superb job feeding, transporting and keeping everyone safe.

We are wrapping up science this week.  On Tuesday we have a lab.  Due Wednesday are pp. 46-50.  We will have a final lab that day to wrap up the year.

-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents:

It’s a busy week in writing and grammar.

Tomorrow, we have our cumulative grammar test and Thursday we have our final timed write.

It has been such a pleasure working with your children for the last three years.  I will miss them!


Sarah Rutherford