Eighth Grade

January 30, 2023

Dear Parents,

HAPPY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK!!!  I am proud and humbled to be a Catholic school teacher.  I have spent my 40 year career in this Catholic school.  I have been inspired by ICRS’s reputation, growth, and outreach.  We are truly an impactful part of the lives of many students who have walked our halls.  We have instilled a strong academic foundation for students’ educational path, fostered a sense of a community and service, and planted seeds of faith.  Well done Immaculate Conception Regional School!

Here are some details of the week:

Monday:  Pizza lunch.  Way to go 8th graders!  What great helpers!  Spelling Bee:  Congratulations Lauren Schultz and Veronica Oropeza!  They represented our class well.

Tuesday :  Alumni appreciation.

Wednesday :  Crazy Sock day.   Teacher appreciation

Thursday:   9:30 at ICC.   Mass honoring grandparents and seniors.   Concert band plays for the grandparent brunch.

Friday:  Jammin’ our Jammies.  8:50 Family group activity.

Friday:  OPEN HOUSE  5:00-6:00  All families are welcome.  Come see what is going on in 8th grade and in our school.  If you bring a new family with school age children with you to the OPEN HOUSE, you get 2 volunteer hours.

Friday:   7:45-9:15    Middle School dance     The 8th grade planners for the dance decided on semi-formal attire.  (No Jeans)  Donations accepted for snacks.  FUN!  FUN!  FUN!

A BIG THANK YOU to Kristi Leksen, Mary Ramsbottom, Stephanie Dietlin, and Tony Sanger for all the help with the pizza lunch.


LITERATURE:   8TH graders are reading the short story, “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.”  They will complete a study guide as they read and vocabulary sheet.  They will have a comprehension test on Friday.

Students are reading a book of their choice for independent reading.  They need to have the book finished by Monday, February 6.

RELIGION:  Chapter 9 key idea is “The Church is One.”  Students completed chapter review on Friday.  It will be corrected on Tuesday and assessment will follow.

U.S. HISTORY:  8th graders are analyzing the Declaration of Independence.  They listened to a reading of the Declaration of Independence.  They will work with a partner to paraphrase a section of the beginning of the document.


Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


Mrs. Reichlin

This week in 8th science students should have their materials list and procedure completed and they should be starting their science fair experiment.  We will also be covering pp. 116-124 in the text.

-Mr. Bell

8 Writing – Eight Graders will continue working on their “What to do with the soccer field?” project.  Students have done a wonderful job with their in-depth research.  They should also be working on their science fair experiment lab report.  Due Friday – Science Fair Materials List!

Sarah Bluhm

Seventh Grade Teacher

Immaculate Conception Regional School

Mount Vernon, WA