Eighth Grade

January 24, 2022

Dear Parents:

Mrs. Reichlin will be out all of this week. We have an excellent sub, Mrs. Bluhm. Eighth graders will continue with their study of the Revolutionary War and will read Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”.

Thank you to so many of you who have offered to help Mrs. Reichlin. I will get back to you as soon as I know what you can do.

In writing, students have a full page of research notes for their science project due on Thursday.  Students will need to work on this at home. They need to remember to cite their sources.

On Tuesday, we will have a timed-write. Finally, we will continue diagramming sentences.


Sarah Rutherford

This week in 8th science students should begin their experiment for the Science Fair if they have not done so already.  Due Tuesday are pp. 11-16 in the text. Due Wednesday are pp. 17-21.  For the rest of the week we will be working on energy flow diagrams.

-Mr. Bell