Eighth Grade

April 25, 2023

Dear parents,

Your eighth grader is amazing!!!  So many opportunities to lead, support, and walk the faith.  And they always meet the challenge.  They were absolutely awesome last week when we went to Martha’s Place to help prepare furniture and items for the new residence.  The directors were impressed with the 8th graders’ efficiency, productiveness, collaboration, and respectfulness.  I am very proud.  Then they ended the week with a great positive spirit as they led family groups for the jog-a-thon.  We may worry whether they are good in math, can communicate clearly, or will pass the next quiz.  But in matters of the heart, they have all the right stuff.

Important dates:

Friday, April 28:  ACRE Test

Saturday, April 29:  YARD SALE!!!

Monday, May 1:  May Crowning at 9:00  at Grotto

Friday, May 5: 7th and 8th grade dance  7:30-9:00

Tuesday, May 9:  Graduation Pictures


LITERATURE:  ROT Students are reading chapters 5 and 6 this week.  They will be in discussion groups on Tuesday to discuss chapter 5.  They are also finding evidence to support the themes of the book.

TKAM  This group has finished part 1 of the novel.  They will create a mind map of the main themes, events, and characters of part 1.  They will read chapter 12.

U.S. HISTORY:  8th graders are learning about the Revolutionary War through the battles in the South.  They have perfected their note-taking skills.

RELIGION:  Students are learning about the missionary mandate.  They will research an important missionary.  They are also reviewing for the ACRE test that will be given on Friday.


Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human.

Albert Ellis


Mrs. Reichlin

8 Writing – We started our week with a quick write about the pros and cons of being a middle schooler, at least for a couple more months.  The rest of this week, we will explore and review commas.

Sarah Bluhm

This week in 8th science we are starting our new physics books today.  We will be working on pp. 4-12 on Tuesday, do a lab on Wednesday, and work on pp. 15-18 on Thursday.

-Kasey Bell