The Flight Plan

March 30, 2020

Dear Families,

I thank God everyday for the gift of you.  It is really true, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  I miss you all.  I want to thank you for your cooperation, flexibility, patience, and appreciation.  Every week comes with new challenges, but we are all doing our best to be positive and persevere. This week, I am mailing the 8th grade packets.  That means you will have the lesson plan today, but maybe not all the materials yet.  Do what you can with what you have.  All TEAMS assignments should be available to complete.  If you don’t receive a packet in the mail by Wednesday, please let me know.  Included in the mailing for those students who are enrolled at MVHS is the registration worksheet with the needed id numbers and password.  If you didn’t receive one, it means you are already registered or you haven’t enrolled.  All of you should consider College Prep English 9.  It is the caliber of class you’ve had with Mrs. Rutherford and myself.  If you are in algebra or geometry and have a B or above in science, you should sign up for biology or AP biology.  If you are in algebra, you should sign up for Honors geometry.

I was very proud to deliver the “Encourage Cards” to Mountain Glen.  They were very appreciative.  However, because we can no longer turn in the cards, I am changing the weekly religion assignment to “Random Acts of Kindness.”  I still feel that it is important to bring love, joy, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness to our weary world at this time.  From this point on, it will be your responsibility to perform a Random Act of Kindness once a week.  This can be in your immediate family, extended family, friendship group, church community, or broader community.

Ideas:  Design a card and send it on your own, extra chores around the house, plan and make a meal, take care of a pet, help younger sibling with homework, read a story to younger sibling, make a video of you singing or playing an instrument and send it to someone to cheer them up, thank you card to essential service providers, post encouraging scripture or quote on social media, give a working parent a foot massage or hand rub, call a grandparent, or anything else you can think up.  Your ideas are much, much better than mine.

Record your kind acts on TEAMS.  Record the date, time, description of the act, and a comment about it.

Examples:   3/29/20       6:00pm   Made dinner for the family    the pizza was great!

3/31/20      10-11       organized the pantry       mom was very grateful and now we can find things

I am excited to see all the wonderful things you wonderful human beings will be doing.

“The Best Feeling of Happiness is When You are Happy Because You’ve Made Someone Else Happy!”

Thank you for responding to my questions on “How is it going?”  Please keep me informed if you are having struggles.  I will respond in a timely manner to your questions and concerns.  I am less available on the weekend, but will respond if you really, really need me.  Mr. Van Selus is available for any technology troubles,  One of the struggles for me is not being able to give feedback on the completed work.  That will, hopefully, get better as I grow more familiar with TEAMS. But for now, I am giving you 3 options for completed work; mail them in (I can provide a self-addressed envelope), take a picture and upload it, or drop it off.  The 8th grade bin will be under cover near the front door, 24/7.  Don’t forget to put your name and page numbers on all assignments.  And even you are working in the comfort of your own home, QUALITY COUNTS.

The lesson plan for the week of March 30 – April 3 is attached.  There is also an art assignment for those who have art as an elective.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Peace be with you all,

Mrs. Reichlin