Various committees, whose members are comprised of staff and parent volunteers, contribute greatly to the management and oversight of our school.  We invite you to take a look and see if there is a group whose role matches your talents and interests.

School Commission

The ICRS School Commission is a consultative body that represents the parishes that support ICRS financially. They meet monthly to provide guidance and assistance to the principal and pastor. The areas of responsibility are planning, policy formation, finances, selection of the Principal, development, including public relations and marketing, and evaluation of the School Commission goals. School Commissioners promote participation in the ministry of Catholic education, develop ownership and stability for the future, offer financial advice, develop and defend policy, serve as a good public relations source, enable the principal to spend adequate time as an educational leader, provide parents/guardians with a voice in their children’s education, and encourage strategic planning. Members serve a two-year term. Candidates are nominated by current members and the Pastor appoints the members from the list. The current School Commission members are:

  • Brock Veltri – President
  • Carrie Cammock
  • Dan Fisher
  • Tracy Ouellette
  • Kiera Wright
  • Steve Nicol
  • Stephanie Bachmeier
  • Paul Dunn
  • Tony Velasco
  • Armando Cobena

Finance Committee

Members support and advise the principal and pastor on the monthly, quarterly and yearly financial administration of the school and help prepare the annual budget. The Finance Committee members are:

  • Dan Fisher – Chair
  • Thakou Vu
  • Thomas DeCosta
  • Lisa Janicki
  • Drew Geddis
  • Lisa Schultz

Endowment Board

Members advise the pastor and principal on the administration of the ICRS endowment fund. The Endowment Board members are:

  • Jonathan Ploudre – Chair
  • Steve Nicol
  • Debbie Pedersen
  • Patrick Greiner
  • Mary McGoffin
  • John Cline
  • Dan Fisher
  • Jeff Stewart
  • John Breckenridge

Auction Committee

Members support the school by coordinating the annual auction, which is our school’s largest fundraiser. The Auction Committee chair is Erin Kohlhaas.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee meets periodically to review the school technology plan, monitor its proper implementation, and seek ways to support the continued integration of technology with learning goals at ICRS. The Technology Committee Chair is Paul Dunn.