Students are required to dress in a neat, clean, and modest manner that respects the personal dignity and care of each person. Uniforms can be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company or through School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger. White polo shirts, navy blue uniform pants and shorts can also be purchased from retails like Target, Old Navy, Land’s End and French Toast.

Dennis Uniform Company
12608 Interurban Avenue South
Tukwila, WA
Phone: (206) 431-2000

Dennis Uniform

ICRS School Code: XSI190


School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger

School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger

ICRS School Code: IMMA10

Girls Uniforms

  • Plaid jumper, skirt, or plaid skort
  • Navy twill or corduroy pants (no flare legs, cut-off jeans or cargo pants)
  • Shorts (walking length, no extra pockets)
  • White knit shirt with collar or white turtleneck
  • Mayfair blue sweater or sweatshirt with ICRS logo
  • Navy tights under skirt or jumper white or blue socks
  • 7 – 8 grade girls may also choose a blue fleece ICRS vest

Boys Uniforms

  • White knit shirt w/collar or white turtleneck shirt
  • Navy twill or corduroy pants (no flare legs, cut-off jeans or cargo pants)
  • Shorts (walking length, no extra pockets)
  • Mayfair blue sweatshirt, sweater or vest with ICRS logo
  • White or blue socks
  • 7 – 8 grade boys may also wear the blue fleece ICRS vest


  • Shoes need to be predominantly white, black, navy or brown in color. Closed toes and closed heels with appropriate ties or fastenings are required. The color and style need to blend with the uniform.

Preschool Uniforms

  • Preschool students may elect to wear uniforms if they choose, otherwise  clothes appropriate for weather and play should be worn

Physical Education

  • Shoes with non-marking soles are required for PE for all classes K-8
  • Grades 4-8: White, blue, or gray t-shirts, or ICRS spirit shirts. No logos. White, blue, gray, or black shorts (no more than two inches above the knee) or sweatpants. At all times students are expected to dress modestly. Yoga pants may not be worn for PE.

Spirit Sweatshirts

  • ICRS Spirit Sweatshirts may be worn instead of uniform sweatshirts, sweaters, or vest on Tuesdays or other designated days
  • Sweatshirts with hoods need to be taken off in the building

Used Uniforms

  • Used uniforms are available by contacting Gaby Oropeza at the school office

More Information

  • For more information refer to the parent handbook.