The cost of hot lunch is currently $3.25 for K-4th grade and $3.75 for 5th-8th grade. Children also have the option of ordering only milk at a cost of $0.50. The first Friday of every month the children will have chocolate milk as an option. There is no lunch service available on half days.

Our hot lunch program will keep track of your account by family name. Please send monies/check for your hot lunch account in an envelope marked HOT LUNCH and your family name on the front. Do not deposit anything smaller that $5.00 into your account.

Please keep at least $5.00 in your account at all times. Any time an account falls below $5.00, you will receive a Low Balance Notice. On the notice, your balance will be shown on the bottom right.

Low Balance Notices can be sent via email. If we do not have your email address, please call it in to the office at (360) 428-3912.

For any account that is in the negative by $10.00 or more, lunch service will be cut off until account is paid up.

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