Algebra I

Know the Unknown


Shutdown Update:

Hi Parents,

I wanted to communicate with you regarding the pandemic version of Algebra I. I don’t want to go pure digital, because taking notes and working out problems by hand is too valuable. But all of the delivery will be done electronically. Lectures too will have to be replaced by videos. So it will be a kind of modern-traditional hybrid.

I will post all of the course information to Microsoft Teams. The Team is called “Algebra I.” All of the materials will be posted under the “Files” tab, in the “Class Materials” folder. Please email me if your child cannot find the “Class Materials” folder. This is the hub where your child will find the daily lessons.

Each lesson will generally follow this format:

  1. Correct homework – grading the practice problems from the previous day
  2. Review – doing online review work (students must login to Khan Academy)
  3. Lesson – watching videos while taking notes (will mostly use links to Khan Academy and Virtual Nerd)
  4. Lesson Check – completing some sample exercises and checking for understanding (students must login to Pearson Realize)
  5. Lesson Practice – applying the lesson to new problems (from textbook)
  6. Turn-in – submitting all work in Teams

For the turn-in… students will need to take pictures of their math notebook. Those pictures will then need to be submitted to me in Teams. I’ve posted directions for how to do this, using either a computer or a phone. Check the Class Materials folder for instructions. Please let me know if I can help troubleshoot.

The first assignment is “Classifying Polynomials.” You will find it under Class Materials. If your child hasn’t competed it yet, please make sure they finish it and submit their work. This is due today. I will post a new lesson tomorrow morning.

I hope you will let me know if you have any feedback or need some help. Miss your kids already!

-Mr. Van Selus

For the 2019-2020 school year we are using the Pearson Algebra I curriculum. Please login to RenWeb to see our daily schedule. Each day students must come to class with graph notebook, graphing calculator, pencil, eraser, red pen and straight edge.

-Mr. Van Selus


Khan Academy

Pearson Realize

Virtual Nerd