Algebra I

Know the Unknown


Starting Monday 9/21, Algebra students will begin the day in Algebra class.

On the days you are physically in attendance, please come directly to the computer lab when you arrive on campus. I will be your teacher during the morning routine.

On the days you are not physically in attendance, please meet us on Zoom no later than 8:45.

Week 3 Schedule


Monday – Evaluating Exponents

Tuesday – Standard Deviation (Review)

Wednesday – Group A: IXL Practice

Wednesday – Group B: Unit 1 Study Guide

Thursday – Group A: IXL Practice

Thursday – Group B: Unit 1 Test

Friday – Properties of Equality

(Group A will take the test the following week.)


Mr. Van Selus

For the 2020-2021 school year we are using the Pearson Algebra I curriculum. Once the year begins, please login to RenWeb to see our daily schedule. Each day students must come to class with graph notebook, graphing calculator, pencil, eraser, red pen and straight edge.

-Mr. Van Selus


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