6th Grade

November 16, 2020

Hi 6th Grade Students and Parents,

Thank you to everyone who sent in names of veterans in your families last week.

Report cards will be coming home this week on Tuesday and Thursday. We will also be having 20 second book reports on those days.

This week for our at home assignment students will be doing a writing assignment and a math activity.  The math will be for both math groups.  I will go over both assignments at an all class meeting Monday at 10:30.


Turkey final drafts are due this week as are the Egypt Pictures.

I have to have a sub twice this week: Tuesday morning and all day Thursday.  As of now, our subs are not able to do Zoom lessons for us, so there will be no Zoom math for the 6th  group on those days. Students will have an assignment out of the book.  The assignments are listed on the schedule.

-Mr. Bell

6th MATH,
Match Fish Tank Unit 3 Lesson 4, Fraction DivisionDividing Fractions, p. 138#1-23 allMatch Fish Tank unit 3, Lesson 5Mixed Revies, p. 362, #15,19,28,35  p. 364 #21-24, p.366, #17,18,29,36Fraction Divion Quiz, Group work.
7th MATH,
Finish Lesson 2 and complete quiz on order of operations & expressions; review vocabulary for this unitExpand and factor expressions using the distributive property and the greatest common factor. Lesson 3Expand and factor expressions with negative rational numbers. Lesson 4Add and simplify expressions by combining like terms. Lesson 5Subtract and simplify expressions. Lesson 6 & quiz
Monday / WednesdayTuesday / Thursdayat home day 1at home day 2at home day 3
9:45-10:15Word of the Day
10:15-10:30RECESSThere are two at home activities this week: 1) Write a paragraph that includes our last 4 vocabulary words used correctly: Demure, Erudite, Candidate, and Dextrous. 2) Do Penny Collection activity, posted on OneNote.
10:30-11:00Whole Class Meeting, at 10:30. Starry Night B1COMPUTERS 6TH
11:00-11:30PE 6thContinue with Starry Night B1
11:30-12:00 LUNCH
6th readingturn in Story Line Analysis; Crash essay testCrash essay test due today; begin Junior Scholastic Pilgrim Powerpointfinish Junior Scholastic Powerpoint on Pilgrims in One Note; Due Nov 30/Dec. 2
1:20-2:05Read pages 114-115  Watch the video, “The Story of Joseph.”  Complete WorksheetFather Ben visits.DO A RANDOM RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS this week                                                                                               Fill out Service Log
2:05-2:50Bring and share Egyypt Pictures.  Start pp. 96-100 in social studies test.20 second book reports, contiinue with social studies pp. 96-100.  Answer quesitons 1-3 on p. 100.