Church History and Morality

Social Studies

U.S. History (1776-1900) and Government

Washington State History (1854-Present) and State Government

Pre-Algebra: Linear Functions and Equations; Properties of Geometric Figures; Summary of Analysis of Data Sets; Additional Key Content such as Scientific Notation; and Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Communication


Short Stories, Plays (for radio, TV, and stage), and Novels



Writing skills will be applied in assignments across the curriculum

Cursive Handwriting

Vocabulary/Spelling: Word Analysis (30 themed lessons)


The year is divided between chemistry and physics.  In addition to daily work, labs and some long term projects, there is also the Science Fair, for which all students will be expected to prepare an experiment to present.  This is a large undertaking and is undertaken largely outside of regular science class. Outdoor education for 8th grade begins in February.  Field trips are taken to Padilla Bay and to Whistle Lake in Anacortes, studying, respectively, marine biology and native plants.

Scientist of the Week

Each student will be honored as “Scientist of the Week.” The object is to deepen each student’s understanding of scientific inquiry.  Included in this honor, are the following activities:

A live science experiment for the class

A 5 minute video on an experiment you did at home