Each morning the class begins with seatwork assignments followed by Morning Prayer, prayer requests, flag salute, song and correcting morning seatwork.


Spelling is an integral part of our reading program. The use of phonic rules, sound cards, and challenge words are tools for developing spelling skills. Spelling words and sentences are sent home on Fridays (at the bottom of the SRA Open Court Newsletter). Students take a pretest on Monday and are given a homework assignment using the spelling words and sentences from the list. Any student who receives 100%on Monday does not have to take regular spelling test on Friday. Students should take five minutes a night reviewing the words and sentences. The spelling test and sentences are given on Fridays or the last day of the school week.


The Open Court series consists of two basal readers, supplemental worksheets, and a spelling /vocabulary workbook and a comprehension /language arts workbook. Students will develop reading skills, use phonics and blending words, spelling strategies, develop new vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies. Students will also learn to use new strategies taught to help further understanding, which will include summarizing, clarifying, asking questions, predicting, making connections with what they already know, visualize, and monitor and adjust their reading speed. Use of the dictionary and book reporting will also be an integral part of the reading curriculum. 20 minutes of reading a night is the average target for personal reading.


Harcourt publishes our math textbook. Major units include: understanding numbers, time, money, multiplication and division facts up to 12, addition and subtraction with regrouping, fact families, estimating, graphing, fractions, geometric concepts of shapes, measurement (both metric and standard), area, perimeter, story problems, WALSL type problems, and problem solving. Students will also be keeping a math vocabulary journal at school. We will occasionally have timed tests to help students with quick recall of basic facts. They will record math vocabulary and math problems we cover in math class. Students will be transferring some of their math assignments onto lined paper. This is a skill needed in 4th grade. Other assignments will be photocopied off or come from the student consumable practice workbook.  Instruction is whole class, cooperative learning in small groups, and individual instruction when needed. Math manipulatives are used when appropriate. The web address for our math series is: wwwharcourtschoool.com. The password is roby. Parents and students can use this web site for additional math practice at home. Students should practice basic math flash cards at home until he/she masters the facts currently being worked on in class.

English /Language Arts

This year we have grammar workbook called Simple Solutions. This daily program will help the students with their basic grammar and writing skills. Students will also write book reports. One book report will be done in class and all other book reports will be long term homework assignments. Students will write poems and stories. The two largest writing projects the students will work on in third grade are the Young Author’s Story and Book of Poems. As part of the morning seatwork activities the students work on the Simple Solutions workbook. English skills will also be covered in the comprehension /language arts workbook. Third grade students will use will use 7 key qualities (7 Trait Analytical Model) to help achieve strong writing skills. These include:
1.    Good organization -first, next, last
2.    Powerful words- descriptive words
3.    Corrective conventions-punctuation, capitalization
4.    Individual voice- strong feeling, humor
5.    Smooth fluency-ideas that go together to make writing easy
6.    Sound ideas- your knowledge/ research of information used
7.    Ready to publish-paper is neat, easy to read, has been proofread and rewritten


The Writing Our Catholic Faith workbook will be used to assist the students in the proper techniques of cursive writing. Mastery of cursive techniques will be accomplished by the middle of the school year. Students will then be required to do all of their written work in cursive.


Our Religion textbook is called Blest Are We. Major units taught include The Church is One, The Church is Holy, The Church is Catholic, The Church is Apostolic, and The Church has a Mission for the World. The children will study the Trinity; the Sacraments; prayers, and know the parts of the Mass. Students will also participate in reading and organizing a Mass and two prayer services this year. Religion concepts are supplemented with The Good News Magazine weekly. Mastery of the sign of the cross, The Lord’s Prayer, The Hail Mary, The Morning Offering, The Act of Contrition, The Apostles Creed, Memorare, Jesus prayer and the proper Mass responses are our goals in third grade. The Third grade class will be in responsible for leading a whole school mass and one prayer service. Students will so participate in one or more service projects this school year.


Our science curriculum is based on hands-on science FOSS modules and kits. Students will explore Earth Materials, Water and Physics of Sound. This a hands-on class requiring participation and cooperation with class mates during labs.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies textbook is titled Communities Near and Far. The students learn basic map reading skills, about communities and how they work, become more aware of the basic requirements for group living, sharing and interrelating, and the work of government. They are also introduced to various cultures, exploring differences and similarities in each culture. Weekly Reader is also used for current events and mapping skills.


Art will be taught in class on Friday afternoons. In addition, art will be incorporated throughout the curriculum. Computer: Mr. Van Selus is teaching computer lab this year.


The third graders go to P.E. on Monday and Tuesday with Mrs. Van Selus


The class will be using the library with Mrs. Moa-Norton.


Music class will be held on Tuesday afternoons.