“When we look at the world today, we can be overwhelmed as we witness suffering, division, and fear. Sometimes it seems foolish to have hope. But I know a place where kindness, respect, responsibility, hard work, and love prevail. Due to the support of school families, teachers, benefactors, and, I believe the intercession of our blessed Mother, ICRS is a place of grace, where children are nurtured and taught Catholic values. ICRS is what Pope Francis calls a field hospital, where all are welcome, and all are treated with gentle kindness, dignity, and respect.

I grew up in Sedro Woolley and am a proud graduate of ICRS. My four children are also graduates. I taught 7th grade at Immaculate for 15 years before taking the role as principal and I can tell you from all these experiences, that we teach the whole child. First, we work to meet children’s spiritual, social, and emotional needs, so they feel safe and loved. Next, we challenge students academically. I am proud of our graduates who go out into the world with strong moral values and critical thinking skills making a positive difference. Alums who have exceled at the top colleges in the country often come back to tell us that their experience at ICRS shaped the way they approach the world as servant leaders. They say that ICRS set them up for success in school and life. ICRS has a lasting impact on all who attend, and we strive to build God’s kingdom in this small corner of the world in Skagit Valley.”