Welcome to Preschool!

January 30, 2023

Dear Parents,

As you may have noticed, there is A LOT of information coming home about events coming up next week for Catholic Schools Week so I thought I would try to narrow it down to what actually applies to your preschooler and you.

If you are new to the Catholic school community, you may not be aware that Catholic Schools week is celebrated about this time every year all across the country. Each school has their own traditions and events, but it is a way to celebrate and promote out unique, Catholic identity to our family, friends, and community.

Monday is the parent lunch. If you can join us, please bring a blanket to eat on in the gym. Some of you ordered pizza, but if you didn’t, don’t worry! Feel free to pack a lunch or bring takeout food! We will eat at 11:30 and then there is recess until 12:30. It’s also crazy hat day.

Tuesday there will be a practice lock down drill at 8:50. This is unrelated to Catholic Schools week, we just need to do drills at regular intervals and Tuesday is the day. We try to make this as stress free as possible, but it’s never fun. We will prep the kids well, but if you think this will create too much stress for your child, feel free to bring them late…. Say 9:15 or 9:30 am.

Wednesday is crazy sock day

Thursday is Mass at 9:30, parents are always welcome to join us for Mass! We leave about 10 minutes before Mass to walk over —or meet us at the church. It is also grandparent appreciation day so there is a brunch for them after the Mass, but the kids don’t join them for lunch. RSVP to the office.

Friday is pajama day and Open House at 5pm and the family Sock Hop at 5:30! I’m pretty excited about the sock hop! Find a poodle skirt and a leather jacket and come join the fun! Also, since I’m part of the planning team for this event, I volunteered our class to make/buy cupcakes to sell for the Booster Club. Please let me know if you can bring some cupcakes or just bring them to school on Friday. Thanks in advance!

To review

Weekend – wear your uniform to mass; if you aren’t Catholic, wear your uniform to whatever church you attend.

  • Monday – Parent Appreciation; picnic pizza lunch in gym; Crazy Hat day
  • Tuesday- Alumni Appreciation practice lock-down drill
  • Wednesday – Staff Appreciation; Crazy sock day
  • Thursday- Senior/grandparent Appreciation – mass at 9:30, brunch for grandparents (please RSVP to office)
  • Friday – Student Appreciation –snacks for students, WEAR YOUR JAMMIES, bring cupcakes if you can!

Open House at 5:00,Sock Hop at 5:30

Okay, if you’re still with me I have two more things:

  1. please bring tennis shoes for your child for PE. If they normally wear boots or hard soled shoes, we really need them to have tennis shoes to protect the floor. Even if they normally wear tennis shoes it would be best if they had clean shoes for the gym floor as their regular shoes get pretty muddy at recess and then the grit really scratches the finish on the gym floor. We have PE on Monday and Wednesday. You can bring shoes to leave in their cubby or you can just send them on Monday and Wednesday.
  2. Remember about the cupcakes

Thanks for reading all the way through! Let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions!


Mrs. Youngquist

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