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Mrs. Melissa Couture



December 2023

I have a useful little illustration to explain the Immaculate Conception.

Get two clear plastic cups. Leave one perfectly clean. In the other, put some gunk like lint, pencil shavings, maybe mark up the inside with a marker or two to make it look used.

Show both cups. Which one looks like a cup you would like to drink from? Try to get them to agree that each one will work to get water, but if you had the power to choose, it would be nice to have a clean one.

God could have planned for Jesus’ mother to have original sin ( a dirty cup) but, since He can do anything, he chose to have Jesus be born into a perfectly clean vessel.

God gave this “gift of grace” to Mary as a privilege because she was the woman whom He had chosen to be Jesus’ Mother.  Another way to say “without original sin” is to say “full of grace.”

We know Mary was “full of grace” because that is the words the Angel Gabriel used to identify her when he announced that she was to be Jesus’ Mother. Mary was “full of grace” from her conception as the child of Anne and Joachim. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

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