7th Grade

September 13, 2021

Dear Parents:

With all of the things children have had to give up due to COVID, I am making a huge effort to ensure that they can go on the overnight hike safely. I sincerely apologize for the extra effort this is requiring of you, but in order to make the trip safe, we must follow certain guidelines. I have consulted several medical professionals, and here is the plan.

  1. Students will take the bus, wear masks, socially distance, and have open windows.
  2. Vaccinated students will share tents; unvaccinated will have their own tents. We will group the tents together so it is fun and the kids can talk to each other.
  3. All students and chaperones need to get a rapid antigen test within 72 hours of the trip. Chris Schaffner is an ICRS grad and parent who owns Schaffner Pharmacy in Sedro Woolley. He is willing to give ICRS students and parents a discount for $32 a test. Of course, you can get your test anywhere you want. When you make the appointment, make sure that you will get your results before Thursday morning. The free testing site at the fairgrounds does not do screening tests. If the cost is an issue, we have Outdoor Ed funds and can pay for the test. Just let me know. You can make an appointment online at SchaffnerPharmacy.com, and Mr. Schaffner knows that our kids need their tests back by Wednesday. Let him know that your child is part of my class.
  4. I still need four small tents.
  5. Many of you have graciously offered to lend tents and supplies. I need ALL of the tents that you have offered. You can send them to school anytime this week, or bring them when we load the bus next Thursday. Please make sure that you label your tent so that I can be sure to get it back to you. We will be putting the tents in the boat.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Now on to learning. Here are the due dates for this week.

Tuesday: Preposition practice sheet due

Bring three articles for Hot Spots research

Hot Spots vocabulary due

Wednesday: pink slip due

1st rough draft pp of GLURP due

Friday: Ulysses Read for Meaning due


Sarah Rutherford

This week in 7th science we are studying fossils and the Geologic Time Scale.  Due Tuesday are notes form p. 7.  Also, students are supposed to bring some small figures or toys that we are going to use in a fossil lab.

On Wednesday we will cover pp. 11-16 and uncover the fossils we created on Tuesday.  Thursday we will cover pp. 17-25.

-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents,

I am humbled to be your seventh grader’s religion teacher again this year.  The focus in religion this year is the New Testament, the life of Jesus, and how his life, passion, death, and resurrection impacts us every day.  This year, seventh graders will complete 5 hours of service per trimester. This is a little bit different than Random Acts of Kindness.  Certainly, acts of kindness are service and can be included.  Students have their service logs for this first trimester.  I have attached a copy of the service log here, as well.

This week students created covers for their religion binders based on our school theme, “Be the One.”  They will also explore the New Testament.  They will look at the organization of the New Testament, as well as a specific book of their choice.

Here’s to a good year that helps our children grow in faith and love of God and each other.


Mrs. Reichlin