Teacher Wish Lists

Mrs. Espinosa and Mrs. Youngquist – Preschool
Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Brooks – Kindergarten
Mrs. Twedt – 1st Grade
Mrs. Rittenhouse- 2nd Grade
Mrs. Moa-Walsh – 3rd Grade
  • Gift cards to: Dollar Store, Grocery Outlet, Costco, Amazon, Michaels, Hobby Lobby ( to buy items for treats ,treasure box, snacks, books, art supplies, etc..)
  • A good  electric pencil sharpener (Amazon has best prices)
  • Massage Haus Gift Certificate
  • Pre-Made Craft Sticker Books (Easy to tear out)
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards
Mrs. Jensen – 4th Grade
Mr. Morrison- 5th Grade
Mr. Bell – 6th Grade
  • Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Medieval costumes.
Mrs. Rutherford – 7th Grade
  • Gently used or new novels – reading levels 4th-10th grade.
Mrs. Reichlin – 8th Grade
  • Gently used novels at 8th grade or above reading level
  • CD Player
  • Gift card to Hobby Lobby for material for prayer cloths
  • DVDs:  Prince of Egypt, To Kill A Mockingbird, Ken Burns: The Civil War
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards
Mr. Van Selus – Technology & Math
  • DSLR Cameras for Yearbook
  • Easton’s Books Gift Cards
  • Presto Music Gift Cards
  • Ritter Sport
  • Toblerone
Mrs. Van Selus – Art & PE
  • Paint brushes
  • Watercolor paper
  • Oven bake clay
Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Keck – Library
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
Mrs. Moa-Norton – Extended Day
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Amazon Gift Cards