For the 2017-2018 school year we are using an online only approach to our magazine drive. There is no money to collect and count and it shaves up to 4-6 weeks off of the processing time for the magazines. Magazines can be ordered and/or renewed year round simply by using the school ID listed below!

Sale Ends – Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Magazine Sale Flyer

Great American OpportunitiesThe money raised from this fundraiser directly impacts our children. The profit from each magazine (40% of each subscription price) is applied toward your fundraising commitment.  We are extremely hopeful that we can meet our goal of $20,000 in online sales.  We are really excited for the potential of this year’s drive.

We encourage you to help your student register and/or send emails from our online store.  We know that with our fundraising company, Great American Opportunities, we will sell roughly $100 per student who registers online.  Our goal is for every student to do this.  The friends and family you email will be able to shop from over 1500 items and they can safely and securely pay online and have the items shipped to their house.

Each student is sent home with two sheets of “business cards”.  Please help your child cut each card out and then hand these to adult friends and family and co-workers.  It is just another way to spread the word about our online store!

Here is a direct link to our online store:


ICRS’s online id:


Thank you so much for your support!